Great experience as always. Timely and great clean up.

Diana H. | Kent, WA
February 14, 2018

Mike Hershberger provides excellent service each and every time. We would go to no other painter when he is available.

Candace B. | Renton, WA
November 9, 2017

We had excellent service before and during the painting.

Evonne R. | Renton, WA
November 6, 2017

They did pretty good. I don't know what my expectations should be. They made an error or two but I'm just going to live with it. There were a vew spots where they got paint on the carpet and hand railing. I wasn't shocked because I think that's to be expected. I have sheetrock that has rounded corners and there were about three places where the ceiling met the round curves where they did it in a different way. They were crooked and I would fix it myself but it's so high up so I'll just live with that. No one's going to notice it but me. I think they could have made a better decision before hand to prepare better. Overall, they did inside and out and I'm really happy and would recommend them for sure.

Lesley L. | Newcastle, WA
October 24, 2017

Nothing other than they were very easy to work with and very efficient. We are quite pleased with their work.

Pat Z. | Newcastle, WA
October 4, 2017

Very positive experience, job was completed on time, and the painters moved furniture all back to their original spots. Paint came out great.

Sean W. | Renton, WA
September 23, 2017

I appreciate the professionalism of the painting crew. They were very responsive and accommodating.

Rebecca K. | Kent, WA
September 16, 2017

Very pleased with the work- good communication with the painter-

Eric W. | Kent, WA
September 14, 2017

Painters did great. Just a couple issues - lots of scraped paint pieces left around the house; they broke a picture frame while they were power washing; they moved stuff and didn't put back when they were finished. But the paint job looks great.

Sherri R. | kent, WA
September 13, 2017

Mike Hershberger was extremely easy to work with. He was very professional, personable and kind. The crew that painted the exterior of our home did a great job. They too were very professional, polite and cleaned up the area nicely.

Patty & Ron J. | Renton, WA
September 11, 2017